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Last Summer we were delighted to welcome Owen, Avondale Hot Topic At SnoValley, a beautiful Bowen Grandson, into our Collie Family.  He recently debuted at our two Collie Club Specialty shows and did some nice winning going WD for a 5 point major on Saturday under Pat Caldwell and RWD under Laura LaBounty on Sunday.  We're thrilled with how Owen is growing up.  


 (click here or on Owen's images below to go to Owen's Webpage with Pedigree)








Benny, SnoValley High Flyer did some nice winning at our Collie Club's Specialty shows the end of February too.  He was only shown in conformation under Lynn Butler and went RWD!  Once he completed that he went over to qualify in the Obedience ring!




We recently brought Joy, Fantasy SnoValley Joy In the Journey, out for her first two weekends of showing since she was 6 months old and in those two weekends she did some very nice winning where she acquired 13 points towards her championship!  One of her most special wins was Day two of the Rose City Classic, at the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon, Joy, went WB BOV from the classes over several beautiful specials for a 5 point major under Judge Michael Faulkner! Joy was handled beautifully in the classes by Alex Erb and piloted to her BOV by Jennifer Weatherly! Here's a link to a video Nancy Mathes shot of Best of Variety: 



"Joy" Fantasy SnoValley Joy In the Journey


We have been honored to host Dan Cardoza's beautiful Harry Ch Countryview In High Regard who arrived last April!  We are thrilled with the beautiful pups he's been producing with our Collie Girls out here on the West Coast!




We couldn't feel more delighted with how Melody showed in Virgina Beach at the CCA National 2018 under the esteemed Judge Dan Cardoza.  What an honor for her to place 2nd from amongst a beautiful quality packed AOC class of 20 other 9-12 month old puppy bitches!  Thank you Judge Cardoza for appreciating our Melody!

Thank you Nick and Team for presenting Melody so beautifully!  And especially thank you to Joan for helping to make Melody possible by sharing your beautiful Boys with us!



Much to our surprise and delight, Elena had entered Beau, now Ch SnoValley Silhouette Livin' the Dream at the CCA National in Virginia Beach.  And he looked beautiful and went 4th in his class!  Here are couple shots of Beau at Virginia Beach.





We are thrilled to announce Tanya Ward and her girl "Isis" CH Snovalley Silva Sinkona VCD1 BN RE PT OA OAJ OF are the Delaney 1st Novice B Collie and Overall Top Obedience Collie for 2017! Congrats to Tanya, Isis and Linda!  

Isis has also qualified for the Collie Club of America Versatility Excellent Award that will be awarded at the National in March!


To see more images of Isis here's a link to her album click here or on the image below:




What a privilege it was to have "Billy" Ch Blu Ridge State of Mind with us from September 2016 until September 2017.  We're delighted with the beautiful pups he produced bred to several of our girls!  Thank you to Joan Johnson for entrusting us with your beautiful sweet boy!




While I was recuperating from foot surgery Fall of 2017 Nancy took "Ashton" Caublestone Tales Of SnoValley, down to California. During his visit he went Winners Dog under Judge Lynn Butler.  Ashton is owned by Terry and I and Nancy Mathes.  Ashton was bred by Diane Cauble. We're excited about the future of this beautiful young Collie boy!










"Isis" nr. CH SnoValley Silva Sinkona, came from Hope's first litter born the 4th of July 2013.  She is co-owned and loved by Tanya and Linda Ward of Sinkona Collies.  We are very grateful for all the wonderful things Tanya and Linda have already accomplished with Isis and the exciting plans they have for her in the future!  Among Isis' impressive breed ring wins is a 4pt WB BOW Specialty Major under the esteemed Specialty Judge Phyllis Autrey at the Overlake Collie Club Specialty in February 2014.




"Gracie" GCH SnoValley Style & Grace PT TD CCA- VA, came from Shira's first litter.  She is one of three Champions and the second GCH from that litter and she is Shira's first CCA-Versatility recipient! The most amazing part of this story is Gracie left as a companion pup, but as she grew into a very special girl Jim & Janis made her available to be shown.  But it didn't stop there, Janis and Jim who had just retired about the time they brought their cherished girl home, decided to give herding a try and once she earned her PT title, then they moved onto tracking.  And they've had to overcome challenges and hurdles along the way as we all often do; things that would cause many to give up.  Gracie recently earned her TD and now they are preparing for her TDX.  Jim hopes to get into search and rescue with their treasured girl in the future.  We're so proud of the "Gracie" team, Janis and Jim!  Who I should also mention have done all of her herding and tracking training and handling!



"Truman" CH SnoValley Belfair Barely Harry Too CGC CGCA HIC is co-owned and loved by Becky and David Moe.  Truman recently became a Champion with Becky on the other end of the lead!  We are so proud of Becky who decided to step into the ring to get the last points on Truman, since he showed the best for her!  This win was particularly exciting because Becky is new to handling.  Truman is a Champion today because of Becky's efforts!  Truman has just started in agility and is loving it!


Another shot of Truman.





Brodie GCH SnoValley Pizazz! HIC was the first pup from Shira's first litter to finish and go onto his Grand Championship!  We'd like to thank his human "Mom" Judy for the part she played in that!  She's really helped Brodie to sparkle!  Brodie is owned and loved by Judy Byrd.


"Heather" SnoValley What Dreams Are Made Of



That's little "Heather" SnoValley What Dreams
Are Made Of, the 3rd pup from the right.






This image was a portrait I did when the "Dreams Come True" pups were 3 days old (no Photoshopping of the pups in the box).  The lower row is of each of those pups shot at 8 weeks which I did Photoshop under each of their 3 day old image so you can see what that 3 day old face grows into in just a matter of weeks!  This was a very special litter and the first litter we used our kennel name with.

Puppies from left to right, "Stefanie" CH Belfair SnoValley Dream On, "Hope" SnoValley Belfair Dreams Come True, "Lily" SnoValley Belfair Touch of Comfort, "D'Argo" SnoValley Rainybank Luxan Warrior RN HT NF CA CGCA, "Shira" SnoValley Belfair Song & Dance, "Cooper" SnoValley Belfair Ball of Fire OJP NFP, "Sissy" SnoValley Belfair Sister's Dream CGC, HIC, "Ripley" CH Belfair Believe It Or Not! BN RE CGCU,  These puppies have gone on to do some pretty amazing things with the help of their amazing Families and we thought you might enjoy hearing about some of those pups. 





"Ripley" CH Belfair Believe It Or Not! BN RE CGCU and his owner and companion Gloria, have accomplished a lot together!   Ripley has quite a repertoire of  tricks too!





"Stefanie" CH Belfair SnoValley Dream On.  In addition to being a wonderful Collie girl, Stefanie has done some beautiful producing for both Belfair and us at SnoValley! She has gone to live with her forever Family where she is adored!





"D'Argo" SnoValley Rainybank Luxan Warrior RN HT NF CA CGCA... and his buddy Mike Vorkapich are quite a team!



So there is a 'story' with the spreadsheet above; as you can imagine.  I asked Mike to send an update on D'Argo's titles and to please give me an idea what they are for.  I knew I wouldn't know many of them as he competes in may different venues...the above is what I got back!  Mike and D'Argo are always on the go and we're so proud of them for all they've accomplished together!


 Back in September Mike and D'Argo were on our local television station King 5 News, Seattle, WA, representing the Rainier Agility Team.  The station was having a dog-themed day on their morning talk show, New Day Northwest. Mike spoke specifically about how to form strong bonds with your dog through doing agility and did a fantastic job!  (Click here to view the video)





"Cooper" SnoValley Belfair Ball Of Fire OJP NFP and his pal Gary are quite a pair out there in the agility ring!  Cooper is owned and treasured by Gary & Heidi Webster. Photo by Nancy Gaffney.



Another Cooper flying image! Photo by Nancy Gaffney.




"Hope" SnoValley Belfair Dreams Come True

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"Shira" SnoValley Belfair Song & Dance HIC

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