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Fall 2018 Puppies Coming Soon!!


We're very excited to share we have a couple beautiful litters confirmed to be on the way and arriving soon! We'll be posting images soon of the parents (we're trying to wrap up a couple reno projects before pups start to arrive so we'll eventually get to website and Facebook puppy updates), but in the meantime you can contact us via private message snovalleycollies@gmail.com if you're interested in more details and photos and to request a copy of our application (if you'd like to be considered for one of the pups). We expect all colors, blue merle, tris, sables and sable merles and primarily rough coats, some smooth coats might be available. Exciting pedigrees and beautiful parents with sound wonderful temperaments!   Visit our puppy page for more information about our pups and lots of pictures of our pups from previous litters!  Click here to go to Puppy Page


Ch Countryview In High Regard. Harry is still here standing at stud  for a time!  Thank you to Dan Cardoza for allowing us to have your beautiful Boy with us!  Please contact us for more information about Harry.  Click here or on Harry's image below to go to Harry's pedigree.











Welcome to SnoValley Collies! We are a small hobby kennel and our name “SnoValley” is short for “Snoqualmie Valley”, which is where Terry’s and my love for the Collie began back in the early 2000's. We outgrew our home in North Bend after adding a fourth Collie to our family so several years ago we moved to southern Issaquah (30 minutes east of Seattle), to a perfect Collie retreat nestled in the scenic foothills of Tiger Mountain.

My love for the Collie began as a child; my Aunt had a number of Collies, who ‘raised’ their three children. The Lassie series also helped nurture that love. It wasn’t until much later in life Terry and I found our first Collie “Emily", Belfair Ribbons & Lace, from our now lifetime friends, Alene Evans and her Mother, Pat Becker. Sadly Pat is no longer with us, but her life touched us through her wonderful mentoring ways and special Collies. She would have been delighted to see how involved my husband Terry has gotten in the world of the Collie. Our “Sophie”, now Champion Belfair Amazing Grace, is a Champion today because Terry was willing to step out of his comfort zone and get into the show ring with her. We want to thank Alene for believing in us and entrusting us with our beloved "Sophie", our first show Collie.

While working on Sophie's Championship we also showed our first homebred Champion, "Teddy" to his Grand Championship. Once Sophie became a Champion, Terry worked diligently in agility, obedience and herding training with “Teddy”, guiding him to qualifying for the Collie Club of America Versatility Excellent award! Two of Teddy's grand daughters are out there excelling in the performance world!  "Isis" CH Snovalley Silva Sinkona VCD1 BN RE PT OA OAJ OF and her trainer and companion Tanya Ward are the Delaney 1st Novice B Collie and Overall Top Obedience Collie for 2017! Congrats to Tanya, Isis and Linda Ward!  We're so proud of you! 

Isis has also qualified for the Collie Club of America Versatility Excellent Award that we will be receiving on their behalf at the National in March!
  Gracie is just 1 point from her Versatility Excellent and is on track to receive her Tracking Excellent title!

As a result of our shared passion, Terry and I are dedicated to doing what we can to contribute to a bright and healthy future for the Collie. We are committed to breeding healthy, beautiful, good natured and intelligent Collies. If you are considering adding a Collie to your family feel free to contact us to find out about our future plans for litters and/or if we have a Collie available that might fit with the needs of your family. If we don’t, we'd be happy to refer you to other breeders who might.

Our litters are raised in our home with an abundance of human love and interaction throughout the day. The puppies will have their Eye Exams at 7 weeks old, at 8 weeks a Well Puppy Exam, by our very thorough and knowledgeable reproductive Vet. They will have their first set of shots, will have been de-wormed 3 times, and come with a health guarantee and AKC registration.

Here at SnoValley Collies our dogs, are our "furry kids" and they spend a good deal of time with us both indoors and outdoors each day. Our lives revolve around them and their pups of course are our “grand puppies”. Socialization of our pups is very important  to us as we find it helps to create a confident, self-assured foundation and encourages them to be motivated to please. The pups spend their first several weeks in the house in our family room/kitchen area and are held and interacted with often throughout each day. Once they are big enough to move into their larger playpen run, we start to take them outside to their puppy yard multiple times a day, weather permitting. This really helps to usher along the potty training process as we find they really prefer to wait to be let outside rather than soil their wood shavings run. We fill their puppy run and yard with lots of interactive toys, including tunnels, stairs, wading pool during the Summer months (all sorts of fun toys). We continue to hold and interact with them until they leave us to go home with their forever families.

We invest our hearts in our  puppies; our goal is to instill in them the confidence that people are wonderful and can be trusted. We feel we’ve done our job when these little ones go to you primed and ready to love and be loved by you. For that reason we feel it's important we ensure our pups and their future families are a great fit for one another. We ask people inquiring about our pups to complete our Puppy Application  (you can also send us a message via our email address below and we can send you a copy of the Puppy Application in Microsoft Word version enabling you to type your answers directly into the application). It helps match your Family with your future pup or adult and helps us make sure we don’t miss anything that will help you get off to the best start in your new relationship with your SnoValley Collie.

It's an understatement to say Collies are a wonderfully sweet breed. Calm and ideal indoor companions yet active and playful outside. Don't let the coat fool you, contrary to what many assume, they do not continually shed like many breeds. They also do not require frequent bathing and are not 'stinky' dogs! We love to take our Collies to the beach and no matter how much wet sand and dirt they end up 'wearing' after a good wet romp on the beach; it all comes out once they dry an hour or so later. And we don't even need to rinse them off! The correct Collie coat resists dirt.

Collies are excellent family dogs as they adore people, especially children and other pets.  Fun loving and devoted, your Collie will be most happy when with you, their people. If you’re looking for a wonderful companion dog, a Collie is one of the best. 




Some images of our pups at 3 1/2 weeks.


Pups with Sophie, Lizzy & Cutie the Bunny



Some images of our pups at 4 1/2 weeks:




 That's Lacey in the rear.

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Contact us at snovalleycollies.com for more information about our upcoming litters.



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SnoValley Collies


We are proud members of the:

Collie Club of America
Collie Club of Washington
Overlake Collie Club
Collie Health Foundation

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 (Or send us an email and we will send you a Microsoft Word version you can type your answers directly into.)

We are located in Issaquah, Washington (30 minutes east of Seattle)


Email:  portraitsbymarycox@gmail.com  (best way to reach us)

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